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REF: A00076


Canal Preparation Gel

The 19% E.D.T.A JEL formulation allows the canal to be emptied and the debris to be removed.
High concentration maximizes the solubility or dispersal power of the product.
E. D.T.A JEL combines with calcium phosphate-based apatitic structures and magnesium ions on the canal wall by chelating, dissolving the chelate and discarding with water.
The dissolution of apatitic structures allows the canal to be cleaned and emptied.
With the resulting demineralization, the canal can be expanded as desired.
Concentration of 19%, dentin or apex is not easy to create any problems.
It does not leave any waste when discharging the pipe with water.
Provides fast, efficient and healthy working.
It is also used to remove broken canal tools.
The gel has high resolution in water.
Packing type: 3 gr. injector
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